Why work with us?

We’re a product design duo with a refined collaborative method of working together and delivering results. We compete and iterate on ideas, and push each other constantly to be better; to make the product better. We have a proven track-record of working with multi-disciplinary teams to make great products that we can all be proud of. We’re just getting started.  

Design starts with a story.

We start with the story. With lots and lots of writing. What people want to know, their assumptions, and the environment around them. This introduces us to empathy— we know what their motivations are, their concerns, their learnt behaviour. The story informs the UI.

We should be able to convince them with just the copywriting.

Two designers.

Our different background give us contrast. Matt studied Psychology and worked in product and animation. Katie studied design and business; and was a strategist before becoming a designer. Our upbringing, our education, and our professional training help us to know how a diverse group of people think.

Usually, one person comes up with an idea; and the other person plays editor, curating it into a feasible result. Then we swap roles and try again. This produces lots of ideas from different perspectives. We know how to push each other. We are completely honest to say what’s on our minds.

We’re not precious about ideas. It must convince us of its worthiness. There are no egos; just the focus on delivering the best product.

We seek inspiration outside of ourselves.

We don’t settle for less. We are constantly improving.

We believe in honest feedback. Red Pen is our belief in action. Other people’s perspectives are extremely valuable. All too often someone you least expect comes up with something we never would’ve thought of ourselves. That’s an untapped resource.

Just an idea isn’t good enough. It’s the execution. We’re involved in the start, the implementation, the discussion, the compromises, the shipping. Products ship.

Matt + Katie